Nu-Rock Licensing

Nu-Rock Licensing

Nu-Rock Corporation has a global vision that involves an ongoing investment and commitment to Research & Development and strategically scaled growth. The diverse applications of Nu-Rock technology provides many opportunities for companies, entities and organisations seeking to become Nu-Rock Technology licensees. The overriding intention for the Licensing Program is to attract and grow a community of exceptional and ethical licensees that share the same vision for building commercial success with sustainable technology that genuinely benefits both people and the environment.

Nu-Rock Licensing makes it possible for multiple projects to be operating in different locations simultaneously such as Block Plants, Mine Site Remediation Projects, Soil Conditioner Manufacturing, High Speed Rail Sleeper Plants, Aggregate Production and other projects.

Nu-Rock Technology is a once in a century innovation that needs to be shared with the world and the appointment of Nu-Rock licensees is key to achieving that goal. In keeping with Nu-Rock’s world leading standards Nu-Rock Licensee applicants participate in a ‘best practice’ application process that includes testing of nominated waste materials prior to Licensee Application approval.

Licensed Entities

Licensed Entities

Nu-Rock Building Products Australia is licensed to utilise
Nu-Rock technology for the manufacture of Building
Products in the Australian and Pacific regions.

The Licensing Process

The Licensing Process

Nu-Rock Corporation Licensing application process is based on ‘best practice’ licensing models which involves key criteria.

The Market Opportunity

Does the market opportunity represent a compelling commercial proposition? What is the life span of the venture? Does the Project Business Plan pass expert analysis?

Waste Material Suitability

Is the applicant’s waste material compatible with Nu-Rock Technology?
Is the Applicant prepared to underwrite a thorough Material Testing process?

The Applicant’s Credentials

Who are the people standing behind the License Agreement?
Does the applicant have access to the required market(s)?
How/ Why is the applicant and the team involved the right fit for Nu-Rock?

The Applicant’s Expertise

What expert capability does the applicant bring to the project? How does this expertise line-up with the Nu-Rock License that they seek?

Financial Requirements

Is the License Applicant financially sound with a transparent track record?
Can the Applicant meet the required Licensing Fee and underwrite future scaling needs.

Legal Process / Contracts

Will the Licensee Applicant meet the ‘standard’ Legal requirements set out in the Licensing Agreement? Does the Applicant respect & accept the Terms of Licensing agreement?

Company Culture and Values synergy

Are the Applicant and the Nu-Rock company aligned on key matters pertaining to Ethical Behaviour, Environment, Community and Business Practices.

Long Term Commitment

A key requirement for all Nu-Rock Licensees will be a readiness to make a long-term commitment to the project(s) and territory(s) involved.

Our world leading manufacturing processes absorb and mineralise

80% more

CO2 than concrete per tonne of material*

* Depending on the product and the application.