Green Technology that delivers ‘world first’ innovation on two fronts:

1. Large scale Waste Utilisation and Site Remediation Solutions
2. On-site manufacture of superior performing sustainable Building Products

Nu-Rock Technology is an award-winning waste site remediation company with the technical capability to permanently transform industrial waste sites into green sites. The unique Nu-Rock process involves on-site conversion of large volumes of solid and liquid industrial waste materials into a range of award winning, superior performing and environmentally sustainable building products.

Nu-Rock products can be manufactured on-site from the waste produced by a range of industries including:
* Coal Ash from Coal Fired Power Stations
* All Steel and Blast Furnace Slags and Dusts and Steel Mills
* Coal Waste and Washery Tailings and Dusts from Steel Mills
* All waste Slags and Dusts from Non-Ferrous Metal Smelters
* Red Mud from Alumina Plants
* Tailings Dams from the Mining Industry
* Waste Plastic, Glass, e-waste, Tyres, boiler ash
* Bio-mass ash

Turning costly Waste Streams into New Revenue Streams
Cost Saving Technology that Captures and Locks up C02 Emissions
Successfully Converting Waste into High Value Products since 1998


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