Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Nu-Rock JV Projects

Nu-Rock JV Projects

Joint Venture Partners may look to the Nu-Rock corporation to introduce Nu-Rock technology as the best solution for recycling their on-site waste streams and remediating their waste sites.

Nu-Rock technology is a unique way to dramatically reduce the cost of site remediation and may involve the manufacture of products that will be used by the JV partner entity on-site for road building and/or mine-site back-filling, therefore not necessarily requiring any market-based sales and distribution.

Nu-Rock and partnering entities will determine the basis of the JV Agreement and tailor a mutually beneficial plan for deploying Nu-Rock technology on site.

Nu-Rock will seriously consider entering a Joint Venture Projects with well resourced, technically capable and culturally aligned partners.

The Process

The Process

Nu-Rock Corporation Joint Venture project evaluation is based involves key criteria.

The Market Opportunity

Does the market opportunity represent a compelling commercial proposition? What is the life span of the venture? Does the Project Business Plan pass expert analysis?

Waste Material Suitability

Is the JV Partner’s waste material compatible with Nu-Rock Technology?
Is the JV Partner prepared to underwrite a thorough Material Testing process?

The JV Entity’s Credentials

Who are the people standing behind the Joint Venture? How/ Why is the applicant and the team involved the right fit for Nu-Rock?

The Applicant’s Expertise

What expert capability does the JV Partner bring to the project? How does this expertise line-up with the Nu-Rock JV that they seek?

Financial Requirements

Is the Joint Venture Partner entity financially sound with a transparent track record?
Can the JV Partner Entity underwrite future scaling needs of the project?

Legal Process / Contracts

Will the JV Partner Entity meet the ‘standard’ Legal requirements set out in the Terms of Agreement?

Company Culture and Values synergy

Is the JV Partner entity and the Nu-Rock company aligned on key matters pertaining to; Ethical Behaviour, Environment, Community and Business Practices.

Nu-Rock is an environmentally

game changing

alternative to the age-old process of storing ash waste ‘on and in’ the ground.